Official Website of Clyde Derrick A. - Comedic Story Teller, Author & Kung Fu Master, creator of a street fighting stystem that works. nst all styles and types of fighters. It's no joke.
Official Website of Clyde Derrick A.
Comedic Storyteller, Author & Kung Fu Master



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Wing Chun,
Jeet Kune Do
& Bridge Boxing

What exactly is Bridge Boxing?
Bridge boxing is a mixture of everything I've learned over my life. What I'm doing is not combining arts as many have done, but rather, I'm combining martial arts with sport fighting. Sport fighting is normally more effective in the streets however, they have a built in weakness because of the rules in those sports. Pure martial arts help covers up the short comings in sports fighting and adds a pure defense concepts that you cannot find in sports fighting.

Does Bridge Boxing work against mma?
Yes. Imagine if you had more skill than mma fighters plus you actually could block a punch or kick, is that not better? Yeah I'm saying they don't
block. MMA is more gutts than talent.

Is it a good art for women?
Yes, all women should learn to defend themselves. I don't just teach straight martial arts, I also teach special escape tactics designed to protect women in cases of assault. Smaller men also need escapes.

Had to have at least one picture of chi sao since that is what Wing Chun is famous for. I do have to say that most Wing Chun people do it wrong. I only know of one teacher that does it like I do and he's in Sacramento.

I never spend a whole lot of time on this because it's only going to happen for a second in any fight. I spend more time reheasing blocking that hook that will take your head off.

About me:
I wrestled in high school, in eleventh grade I started in Jeet Kune Do. From there studied Boxing, then Kickboxing. Yes I actually fought in the ring.
I have 27 years of Wing Chun behind me, which includes understanding Tai Chi and Bagua and includes Chin Na (locking).
Along the way I studied, BJJ to blue belt level, Aikido, and a little of this and that.

Who did I learn from?
I started with probably the most well know wing chun man in the world. I threw out everything he taught me. Had opportunity to train with a master for one workout and I threw out what he showed me. Simply put, the "Masters" have no clue what works.

Over the years I've learned from many people. Every art has something to offer; some concept that is useful. Some arts are better for self defense than others, but even the arts that are less valid on street offer concepts that if modified, will make you a much stronger street fighter. Safety, is the goal. The more you know the safer you are.

Picture to right shows Bruce Lee using the traditional hand position which is okay, it works, but there are better options. I know from my JKD days, that Bruce played around with many different hand positions.
I choice this picture because footwork is important and both version of wing chun use footwork that is not realistic.
Metro-Los Angeles, California

Private in home or at your business classes
Lessons run 1 hour
Discount rate for 2 or 3 people
Special pricing on non-family groups of 4 or more
Families up to 5 people pay $40 per hour

Choice of either (A)Wing Chun (B)Jeet Kune Do
(C)MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing (D)Bridge it
BJJ is included no matter what unless declined

Private lessons
are twice a week
First lesson free IF you decide NOT to continue
Must always have next lesson paid in advance
Classes are Wing Chun w/Bridging
Bridging = JKD, Boxing, MMA, bjj

Tuesday & Thursday 7:00PM - 8:30

Cost -$25.00 a week, one week paid
in advance, so initial start is $50.00
Watch one free/Participate in one free
Address: Setting up. Check back
Special FREE
Program For Youth
VIA gofundme

gofundme page is:
Discipline through
Martial Arts

Program is for open classes only

Contact me via By email at

Note about in home lessons: I have a security guard and a Real Estate License so my background has been checked completely. Will provide license numbers. Will teach outdoors when the weather warms.

Holding FREE classes in the park on ( ) during month of July. Start time is ( ), End time ( )
Location: Manhattan Beach (Check back for more info)


Explanation about the video showing below: You see three demos (all are demos) where I thought I had a good understanding on how to make wing chun work in a real fight and I tried to show it in each demo. I was wrong all three times, well actually pretty close on the wrestling one (second one) it took just a couple more alterations to master the wrestling part of wing chun. These videos were done several years back, but over the last few years I have developed methods to use wing chun against any fighting system in the world.



Below are the available time slots. A grayed out square means that spot is taken
Time Slots
Early morning workout              
10:00Am to11:00AM              
11:30AM to 12:30PM              
1:30PM to 2:30PM              
3:00PM to 4:00PM              
5:00PM to 6:00PM              
7:00PM to 8:00PM    
open class
open class
7:00Pm to 8:00PM  
8:30PM to 9:30PM          
8:00PM to 9:00PM       
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